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For the purchase of a diabolo of more than 25€ we offer you the DVD of the world champion, the essential RYO YABE and his accomplice TEMPEI KARAKAWA!

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THE DVD: Shot in the studio but also in Paris during the visit of these two great juggling figures, the unmissable RYO YABE and his accomplice TEMPEI KARAKAWA.

As a privileged spectator, we attend demonstrations of diabolo, their enthusiasm, as their expertise are communicative Dazzling choreography, this video is a long clip of an hour and a quarter. Without superfluous explanations, it is the imagination, the ease, the rhythm that take on their full meaning here. On the music of Russian and Japanese underground groups, the director and editor Laurent Gentot, a specialist in live performance, grasped the very personal mastery of Ryo Yabe which characterizes his ease in the greatest difficulties, and the serene concentration of Tempei Karakawa. As a bonus, a performance on stage by Ryo Yabe during the European Juggling Convention in Ireland. As well as the famous ring specialist Jeremy James. Master Classes with Ryo Yabe & Tempei Karakawa: 1h 12mn Ryo Yabe on stage EJC: 8 min Jeremy James on stage EJC: 6 min


  • Ryo has made numerous television appearances around the world. He also won
  • many titles too long to list here. His favorite diabolos are the range 
  • Sundia featuring her name (of course)! Before that he used the Jumbo Yoho made
  • especially for PassePasse with the signature of this king of the diabolo.
  • Ryo Yabe on Youtube ( 368915 views)