Discounts By Total Amount

Discount up to 20% on your total order

Discounts relating to the total amount of your order can go up to an ADDITIONAL 20% discount!

Minimum amount = Discount

Promo code

200€= 5% discount


300€ = 7.5% discount


500€ = 10% discount


1000€ = 15% discount


2000€ = 20% discount.


These coupon codes cannot be combined with other discount codes.

These codes are only valid if you are registered as a customer (Not valid for customers called 'guests').

Products with a unit value of 300€ or more are excluded from the offer.

Community, Association, Leisure Center or Town Hall:

If you are a juggling club, an association, a school, a town hall, a leisure center or a community, you can benefit from a 10% discount This code can only be used if you are an association, a club or a school. We reserve the right to cancel an order if you are not recognized as such when using this discount code. "cmdeasso2B2M"