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Effect: Although the cards are obviously all different, the magician predicts which one will be selected.

The magic breath

Effect: The deck is stripped to show that all the cards are different. The magician blows on it: all the cards are the same!

The amazing triple cut

Effect: A card is taken and returned to the deck which is cut into three piles. The spectator chooses the pile in which he wants the magician to find his card.

Envelope prediction

Effect: Say you are going to make a prediction. Write the name of the card on a piece of paper that you place in an envelope. Seal the envelope and give it to a spectator, then have the envelope opened and see the accuracy of your prediction.

A lot of

Effect: Have a spectator insert their index finger into the front of the deck while you are flipping it, look at the card under their index finger, and replace it. He will be surprised to realize that it is the one he has already seen! Repeat several times: the spectator always lands on the same card!

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