Resellers (Wholesale prices)

Wholesale prices.
For over 20 years we have been selling to other stores and online retailers.
The Shopify platform on which this site is based is not ideal for this type of customer because for the moment the prices are indicated including VAT.
However, we have found a solution.

First, make sure your email is registered with us.
You can do this by creating an account. If the email you put says it's already in use, we have it. If not, continue and finalize creating an account.

Then contact either the shop or myself, Chris and after verifying your status, we will add the tag "RESELLER" to your customer account.

This will give you just under 50% off (excl. VAT) on most products, which equates to a 33% discount on retail prices.

This program is currently in beta and we reserve the right to modify it in any way.

All orders must be prepaid. If there is a difference in the final invoice, you will receive an amended invoice to pay or be refunded for that amount.

For more information contact Chris (