Clear acrylic ball 76mm
Clear acrylic ball 76mm

Clear acrylic ball 76mm

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For many years, Passe Passe has been very active in the field of contact juggling.
In the past, we used to buy the acrylic tubes in Italy and then send them to England to have the balls cut, shaped and polished.
Since then, we have succeeded in reducing this long and tedious procedure by consolidating all technological processes directly in Asia, maintaining the same manufacturing quality.
This new change, along with our low price policy, has allowed us to become the world's leading source of sales to professional contact jugglers.
These new balls are the same as those sold on many contact sites, for a higher price, even double our price! When you buy an acrylic contact ball from Passe Passe, you can be assured that it is perfectly round, balanced and made of 100% acrylic.
If you are new to contact, or want to improve in this magnificent discipline, you can buy the "Acrylics" DVD, filmed in Paris with the world-famous juggler Marco Paoletti.
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