G-FORCE 60mm Bounce Ball
G-FORCE 60mm Bounce Ball

G-FORCE 60mm Bounce Ball

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Bounce balls allow you to work with the ground. There are “normals”, with a correct rebound like with this ball and there are the queens: silicones, offering an incomparable rebound and touch.

The majority of juggling shows use silicone balls. However, this ball offers a good compromise for a small budget, or for someone wishing to learn rebound juggling.

Juggling using the rebound is a very fun practice and brings a bit of creativity into juggling. Indeed, with bouncing balls, you are no longer limited to just throwing balls in the air or bouncing them against the ground, but you can also make them bounce off the walls, the ceiling, or even on several sides. different in a throw. At each place the discovery of a new type of rebound... Thus certain shows were made with rebound balls in a transparent cube where each surface allowed a rebound.

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