67mm sil-x bullet
67mm sil-x bullet
67mm sil-x bullet
67mm sil-x bullet

67mm sil-x bullet

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It is a 67mm flexible stage ball with a novelty resulting from intense research work: 1/3 of the internal volume of the ball is filled with LIQUID SILICONE.
The center of gravity (center of gravity) is low, so the ball is more stable for high throws, easier to catch with the foot, and easier to roll or balance on the head.
The principle is the same as for Russian balls, but they are very different balls.
LIQUID SILICONE, unlike any type of grain, slides perfectly inside the ball, so even if the ball is thrown with a spin, it will not float in the air.
In addition, the Silicone is injected through a very small hole which allows us to use an almost invisible conical plug on the surface of the ball.
(Note to curious jugglers: even though the cork can be removed and it is difficult to push it into the ball, you should not force it inside otherwise you will not be able to retrieve it).
This special LIQUID SILICONE is non-toxic (usually used in the food industry as a lubricant), and without risks.
The outer cap is a roto molded bullet very similar to our stage bullets with a throat that firmly holds the cap.
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