White Spotlight Silicone Bounce Ball
White Spotlight Silicone Bounce Ball

White Spotlight Silicone Bounce Ball

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We are proud to offer you these balls at an unbeatable price, this resulting from a long collaboration of almost 20 years with our partner Spotlight.
Available in this offer only in UV active white.
However, if you want another size or color, let us know and we will do our best to give you complete satisfaction. active UV

58mm / 2 1/4" 115 gr. (+/- 2%). RRP 25€

61mm / 2 3/8" 134 gr. (+/- 2%). RRP €32

64mm / 2 1/2" 156 g (+/- 2%). RRP €35

67mm / 2 5/8" 180 g (+/- 2%). RRP €38

70mm / 2 3/4" 209 g (+/- 2%). RRP 40€

76mm / 3" 269 gr. (+/- 2%). RRP €53

After receipt of payment, we estimate 5 working days for your order to be made and shipped, except for sizes 64 which are normally in stock in our warehouse in Bordeaux.

Important Note: As a personalized item, silicone balls are not covered by the general return policy for online sales. Each order is custom made.

Care: Clean with soap and water. Store the silicones in a soft material (sock) without stacking or placing heavy objects on it.

Avoid direct contact with supermarket tickets as these are the only things we know can subconsciously mark bullets permanently. Pay close attention to sharp edges found on radiators, small stones.

No fill marks, minimal knuckle line, excellent rebound (>90%), soft matte finish for immediate performance use. Properly cared for, Spotlight silicones will improve with age.

All sizes available in 100% silicone

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