Bicycle svengali - bicycle radio game
Bicycle svengali - bicycle radio game

Bicycle svengali - bicycle radio game

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The most popular trick card game made by USPCC (United States Playing Card Company).

These cards are renowned for their durability and flexibility, they contain a very thin layer of plastic between the face and the back of the card.

For pros who appreciate the double top and bottom cut.

Present a deck of 52 cards to the audience and ask a spectator to take a card.
The spectator looks at it, shows it to the public and puts it back in the packet.
A magic pass and the card is instantly on top of the deck.
(1st effect) The card is now on the deck, cut and ask him for a random number.
Let's imagine it's the 16th, then count the cards up to the 16th and you inexplicably fall once again on the chosen card (2nd effect) Now put the deck on the table and after a magic pass, strip it to show that the Spectator's card has disappeared from the deck.
(3rd effect) Whenever you want you can show that the whole deck has turned into the chosen card.
The cards in the deck will all be identical! # Automatic tower within everyone's reach

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