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Kit Jonglerie-7 articles de PassePasse
Kit Jonglerie-7 articles de PassePasse

Juggling Kit - 7 items from PassePasse

  • Jonglerie
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This kit is made up of genuine juggling items of impeccable quality.

These articles are assembled in Paris, by one of the most recognized stores in the field of juggling for nearly 20 years.

He understands;

  • 3 balls to juggle
  • 1 pair of Sammy Swinger ribbon bolas
  • 1 Diabolo Astra
  • 3 scarves
  • 3 rings
  • a rotating plate
  • a stick with its control rods

You will not find this kit in toy stores, or in supermarkets, because our price has been tightened to the maximum in order to offer you the most preferential price.

A simple calculation: If you buy the products of the kit separately, you will very quickly arrive at an amount of more than one hundred euros.

We wanted to make an attractive juggling kit in every sense of the word, for you and your children.

The goal: Allow your children to learn about juggling with quality products, used by experienced jugglers, and thus allow them to evolve quickly in this area which will bring them unlimited satisfaction... so see you very soon and have fun you well.

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