DRAGONSTAFF 8 HEADS - carbon tubes - removable
DRAGONSTAFF 8 TÊTES - tubes en carbone - démontable
DRAGONSTAFF 8 TÊTES - tubes en carbone - démontable
DRAGONSTAFF 8 HEADS - carbon tubes - removable
DRAGONSTAFF 8 TÊTES - tubes en carbone - démontable
DRAGONSTAFF 8 TÊTES - tubes en carbone - démontable

DRAGONSTAFF 8 HEADS - carbon tubes - removable

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The Dragonstaff 8 is our lightest Dragonstaff - it feels like a breeze as it rolls over you! As the name suggests, this lanyard does not have the main heads of a contact stick - only the 2x4 heads of crosses. This also means that if you choose this version, it is a dragonstaff only (not a 2-in-1 contact and dragon staff like the Dragonstaff 10).

The Dragonstaff 8 includes the stick, adapter and tips of your choice as detailed below.


Adapter with quick link solution for instant assembly and disassembly: The connection of the spikes to the cuff is a quick link solution, which makes assembly and disassembly very quick and easy. The connection is made using ball bearings fixed by steel springs, which can be fixed or loosened using the upper screws. The insertion and removal of the spikes in the adapter cuff therefore only requires a single push/pull movement and does not require any screwing movement or tool.

The Rainbow Adapter Cuff can accommodate 4 spikes each, making it suitable for 8 or 10 head dragons. The Rainbow adapter cuff is made of 7075 aluminum, which makes it reliable, strong and light (65g / adapter cuff, 272g / cuff with 4 tips). The spikes are also made from 7075 space tech aluminum, which is so light it allows for an 8mm diameter for each of the spikes without sacrificing stability or impact resistance.

All stick variations in this listing are designed for an 8-headed Dragonstaff, they are not suitable for contact stick play as they do not have a center head.


You can choose the tube material. The lightweight version uses 7075 aluminum (pole without adapter and tips: 610g), while the super light version uses carbon (pole without adapter and tips: 339g).


You can choose a foldable or solid (non-foldable) version. The foldable version is 100% straight, does not move or wobble and allows you to disassemble not only the adapter, but also the stick itself (in 3 parts). It is secured by rubber gaskets under tension, so the flexible connection absorbs force and will not move or wobble after a while. This way, your dragon is ultra portable, it can even fit in a hand luggage when flying.

Spike length:

The length of the spikes affects the rolling speed of your Dragonstaff 8. If the spikes are shorter, your dragon will roll faster. If the spikes are longer, the dragon rolls slower. If you're not absolutely sure what you're doing, go for the default setting of 20cm - it's ideal and well tested 😊.

Peak head size:

The size of the spike head affects the size of the flames (thickness of the "circle of flames"), the burn time of the circle of flames, and your dragon's roll-momentum.
Larger heads increase rolling momentum, smaller heads decrease it.
Only choose the extra-large heads if you're an experienced dragon rider and know what you're doing - be especially careful not to stop the rolling, otherwise the extra-large flames can damage the silicone!

Replacement screw set:

Your dragon adapter sleeves include everything you need including screws and an Alan wrench. However, if you lose a screw or your Alan's key, this spare set of screws may come in handy.
If you think prevention is the best cure, add a spare set ahead of time. It includes a full set of screws, springs, balls and Alan's Key - everything your dragon needs.
If you order a replacement screw set, we encourage you to share it with friends - you are unlikely to need all of the items yourself.
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