La lumière fantôme
La lumière fantôme

The phantom light

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This new version of ghost lights now has a very high quality electronic device!
With this special effect you will be able to enchant all audiences. Your magic fingers allow you to play with beautiful red lights that appear and disappear here and there according to your will, while your hands remain empty!

Show your empty hands, then pretend to take something from the air: a red light will then appear on your fingers. Put the light in the pocket and then produce another light, and yet another... You can produce as many lights as you want!

Pinch the red lights in the air with your right hand and put them in your clenched left fist. When you open your left hand, all the lights will be gone.

Try the "jump" of light from one hand to the other. The public will be able to see a fire disappear, then immediately reappear in the other hand.

Produce infinite lights from the air! They come and go as you please! A must have for any magician! Easy illusion for beginners, and a standard for your show. You are in control! Produce LED light from your fingers whenever you want. Disappears at your command!

The light comes from your empty hand, snatched from space. With two of these, you can pass the light from hand to hand, disappearing and reappearing at your discretion. A staple in professional magician acts worldwide!

New in December 2022! Now also available as USB rechargeable with ultra powerful diodes. see options

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