Gora Lyco pompe
Gora Lyco pompe

Gora Lyco pump

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This is a practical pump for lycopodium, to make beautiful fire effect to surprise your audience.

Lycopodium is a fine dry powder made from a plant. It has been used as fire magic for hundreds of years.
You have to sprinkle powder in a flame, it gets fire and makes a nice ball of fire from your hand.
The small size has less effect, but can hide much better from the eye of the audience.

how to fill the pump?

First press the air from the pump, second, put the mouth into the lycopodim.
Then release the pump and it will absorb the powder.
Best if you keep the pump horizontal and move the pump into the powder as you release.
That you set up at the pump and push on the air again, and repeat the action several times.

The best if you don't put it full to keep some air in the pump what you can press , it will push out the
lycopodium, mixed with air. When the air mixture hits a fire source, it will give out rapid burning flesh.
effect . When you press the pump into the fire, you can move it away to make different shapes of fire.
If you do a quick piruett you can create a ring of fire around your body.

Use it carefully, do not use it in the wind.

- Do not breathe if the fire is near, because you can inhale the burning powder.

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