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Encyclopedia book of impromptu magic
Encyclopedia book of impromptu magic

Encyclopedia book of impromptu magic

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Excellent book to learn magic with everyday objects. Ideal gift!

This large book is ideal for learning magic with everyday objects. It contains 642 tricks and illusions from around the world, including Paris, gags and curiosities, riddles and brain teasers. The book shows you how to work miracles with everyday objects such as eggs, light bulbs and envelopes!

Book of the Encyclopedia of Impromptu Magic.

642 magic tricks, bets, gags, curiosities, riddles.

512 explanatory figures.

To work miracles with everyday objects.

The first book to bring together a wide range of entertaining and amazing magic tricks performed with everyday objects. Perfect for anyone who wants to learn new and unusual ways to entertain, this is the ultimate and unrivaled collection for anyone who loves magic!

Needle, Wooden match, Cardboard match, Birthday, Plate, Ring, Broom, Ping-pong ball, Balloon, Banana, Donut, Beer, Billiards, Ball, Banknote, Biscuit, Reel, Box, Cork, Candle, Bottle, Button, Arm, Brick, Lighter, Cane, Belt, Cellophane, Chair, Hat, Sock, Shoe, Shirt, Hair, Chewing Gum, Cigar, Cigarette, Hanger, Scissors, Key, Pocket Knife, Table Knife, Chalk, Tie, Pencil, Spoon, Toothpick, Checkers (game), De (to sew), De (to play), Domino, Chess, Rubber band, Funnel, Envelope, Pin, Window, Zipper, String and thread, Fork, Glove, Vest, Ice Cube, Switch, Leg, Token, Journal, etc.

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