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Very popular fire effect on stage and in cinema. The very fine powder, which dissolves in air, burns rapidly with deep yellow flames.

Lycopodium is a 100% natural material, Virginia club moss powder (Lycopodium clavatum), rich in volatile oils. Almost impossible to burn on the ground, but when dissolved in air it ignites quickly by reacting with oxygen. It can therefore be used without danger on shows.
It has no known toxic effects, but the very fine powder can cause allergic reactions, so avoid breathing or swallowing it.
Do not forget :

Fire is dangerous for the artist, the public and surrounding objects! It takes a lot of practice before the performance!

Always keep a safe distance from the public and flammable objects!

Always keep a fire extinguisher handy!

Can be used only for your own responsibility. PassePasse will not take any responsibility in case of injury or damage due to incorrect use.

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