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Luminescent Juggling Club Kosmos 'Supernova JS2' Pro diodes
Luminescent Juggling Club Kosmos 'Supernova JS2' Pro diodes
Luminescent Juggling Club Kosmos 'Supernova JS2' Pro diodes
Luminescent Juggling Club Kosmos 'Supernova JS2' Pro diodes

Luminescent Juggling Club Kosmos 'Supernova JS2' Pro diodes

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The JS2 clubs have all the features described for the Supernova and add other innovative technologies. The big difference is the JS2 system, which stands for Juggling Synchronization System. This system allows each club to be used in a certain mode: Master mode, where the club emits a signal indicating what program it is doing, Student mode, where the club receives the signal, and Neutral mode, where the club neither emits nor transmits. Each key can be selected in one of these modes. In practice, this gives unique range and stage comfort, for example, you can go on stage with a single club, light it with a magnet hidden in the costume, do a manipulation routine with that single club. When you pick up the other club and approach it to the first, it lights up and both display the same program.

It also has the Touch Sendor system. This system detects hits on the handle and changes color. There are several programs that use this system. For example, you can choose 2 colors and each time you hit the club, it changes from one to the other.
Another option is that the club makes a base color and flashes with another color, this mode is very particular: the club calculates the time between 2 blows and divides it by two, this makes for example, that if we play 5 nails, color 1 is shown in the upstroke of the club, above it shows a flash of the other color, and in the downstroke it reverts to the base color. Another program changes with each move between predefined combinations.

This MASS also has 42 colors to choose from, which can be put on the whole club equally , or choose one color for the handle and one for the body. You can also use fixed or strobe effects at different speeds.

* Length: 49cm
* Weight: 240g
* Polyethylene body with rubber ends.
* Reinforced anti-shock design.
* 19 customizable programs. The user can select one or two colors, mixed or combined at different speeds.
* There are 42 colors and over 1,500 combinations.
* Memorization of two programs.
* 3 to 6 hours of illumination (depending on the program).
*Rechargeable with built-in battery charge regulator with "automatic shutdown" in case of low battery to protect battery life.

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