Unicycle luxus qu-ax chrome 50cm
Unicycle luxus qu-ax chrome 50cm
Unicycle luxus qu-ax chrome 50cm
Unicycle luxus qu-ax chrome 50cm

Unicycle luxus qu-ax chrome 50cm

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LUXUS QU-AX unicycle Available:

The V4TTQC Luxus unicycle has been designed with the aim of offering an ideal unicycle for all types of terrain and all types of tricks.
It is one of the most versatile unicycles assembled from parts of exemplary quality, in order to make it a robust unicycle, pleasant to use while being a success from an aesthetic point of view.
Because it is slim, its Qu-ax saddle with yellow protections makes it particularly comfortable and easy to handle for performing freestyle tricks.
Its ribbed seat tube allows for better clamping.
Its square fork, allows you to perform various and varied figures allowing you to use it to support yourself with your feet or to serve as a support for performing figures with other people.
However, its wheel remains one of the most interesting elements since it is what allows the versatility of this unicycle, with a diameter of 50 cm, its 1.
95 inches wide and its studded tire, it is perfect for combining road use with trail use.
To sum up, it is a good urban unicycle, versatile, allowing to ride on roads and through forests, it also has many advantages for freestyle.
Finally, a unicycle that will satisfy people looking for thrills, (see extremes) just as it will satisfy those who want to go out and get their baguette or their newspaper on Sunday morning.

QU-AX saddle black with yellow protections

2 striated chrome seat tubes 22mm (20cm and 35cm)

Allen key tightening

Flat Head Chrome Square Fork

Rim 20 inch (50cm) 36 spokes

Black tire 20 X 1.95

127 mm steel cranks

Plastic Pedals Weight: 6.8 KG


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