QU-AX Green LUXUS Unicycle 20 inch 50cm
QU-AX Green LUXUS Unicycle 20 inch 50cm

QU-AX Green LUXUS Unicycle 20 inch 50cm

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Flatcrown fork with two-piece end caps, powder coated
Aluminum rim 36 holes, black
Square axis
114 mm steel cranks
Two-component reinforced pedals with non-slip surface
Tire 20"x1.95" BLACK
Aluminum seat post clamp
Seat post 350 mm, grooved surface, Ø 25.4 mm
In addition, this mono comes with a second 200mm seat post to start young, well padded ergonomic saddle. with solid base and handle, Luxus comfortable saddle with end caps and yellow handle.

Green LUXUS unicycle 20 inches 50cm

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WARNING Since March 2022 this model has been delivered with a black tire following the manufacturer's repair problems.


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