5L bubble soap
5L bubble soap
5L bubble soap
5L bubble soap

5L bubble soap

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Professional liquid to create soap bubbles delivered in a 5 liter container. Before each use, carefully stir the liquid soap to dissolve any deposits. Store the soap at room temperature. For temperatures below 10°C, the liquid may lose its properties or become opaque. If the liquid is cold, warm it to room temperature and stir.
- A humidity level (>40%) is ideal for the creation of bubbles. Outdoors, it is recommended to practice on foggy days or just after rainfall. Creating beautiful bubbles is more difficult on sunny days. The morning, or the end of the day are also the ideal times.
- Indoors, humidify the air using a small water vaporizer. Increasing the humidity in the air will facilitate the creation of bubbles.
- The foam decreases the quality of the bubbles and makes it more difficult to create them. It is all the more important to avoid shaking the container containing the soap to avoid the creation of foam. If the liquid becomes foamy, remove the foam present on the surface before using it.

A professional liquid to create soap bubbles, all in a 5 liter container.

5 liters
Dimensions: 20 x 29 x 13cm

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