Svengali deck - top hat tricks radio game
Svengali deck - top hat tricks radio game

Svengali deck - top hat tricks radio game

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The Sleight of Hand Radio Game

The Radio game (“Svengali Deck”) is devilishly magical. Many magicians often use it in a wide variety of tricks.

The radio game is made up of 26 identical cards alternated with 26 all different cards. This arrangement should always be kept.

The 26 identical catres are shorter than the others.

“Radio” forcing

(In the trick descriptions, each time you read "force a card", this is the force that will be used.)

With the game held face down in the left hand, ask a spectator to tell you “stop” whenever they want. With the right middle finger, peel the front of the game from bottom to top until the "stop" of the spectator.

Separate the game at the place of the "stop", ask the spectator to take the top card of the deck in their left hand (it must be one of the 26 identical ones), to look at it and to memorize it, then to put it back to its place. Then put the deck in your right hand over the one in your left hand.

Other tricks explained in the booklet included in the game:

First exercise: “Radio” counting

This count is used frequently in Radio game routines. Remember to master it perfectly.


Effect: Although the cards are obviously all different, the magician predicts which one will be selected.

The magic breath

Effect: The deck is stripped to show that all the cards are different. The magician blows on it: all the cards are the same!

The amazing triple cut

Effect: A card is taken and returned to the deck which is cut into three piles. The spectator chooses the pile in which he wants the magician to find his card.

Envelope prediction

Say you are going to make a prediction.

Write the name of the forced card on a piece of paper and place it in an envelope. Seal the envelope and give it to a spectator. Force one of the 26 identical cards, then open the envelope and see the accuracy of your prediction.


Force one of the 26 identical cards in the game and have it put back in its place in the game. Then start drawing a card again under the same conditions. Tell him not to be surprised that he drew the same card a second time, because that is precisely what you wanted...

A lot of

Ask a spectator to insert their index finger into the front of the deck as you flip it, look at the card under their index finger, and put it back in place.

The ambitious card

Announce that one of the cards is particularly ambitious, and that it absolutely wants to always be in play.

Two batteries for one side

Flick the deck and force one of the 26 identical cards from the spectator (you only show it to him, without taking it out of the deck). Cut the game several times.

Say you are going to make two sets. Create two piles by placing the cards alternately on one pile then on the other. At the end, you will therefore have 26 cards to force on one side and 26 any cards on the other. Say, “Point me to a stack.”

  • If he points out the pile of any cards, discard it and take the pile of cards to force.

  • If he points out the pile of cards to force, take it.

Ask him to cut. Tell him that, as strange as it seems, he chose the pile that contains his card and, in addition, you will be able to find his card in record time. Cut the pile at any place, turn over the cutting card: it is his.

We wish you good magic with the radio game!

The 5 commandments of the magician

  • before performing the trick in public, repeat it until its execution is perfect;

  • adapt the tricks and sales pitches to your own personality;

  • never explain your tricks, even if your spectators ask you;

  • never do the same trick twice in a row;

  • better to know five tricks perfectly than to rush twenty.

The Svengali game or Radio game is the card game most requested by magicians. It allows you to perform countless magic tricks. Try it! Supplied with a booklet describing ten tricks.
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