Yoyojam Ring Master yoyo
Yoyojam Ring Master yoyo

Yoyojam Ring Master yoyo

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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages - direct your attention to this amazing new Yo-Yo! YoYoJam and AJ Kirk proud to present the RINGMASTER! Today's modern yo-yo player wants a throw that can be exceptional for string tricks, but still competent for learning Triple A's and even playing Freehand/Counterweight. RingMaster YoYoJam is ready to take the stage and as AJ Kirk's signature series, it's a yo-yo to help put you in the spotlight!

AJ Kirk has been in the yo-yo game for years and is a player with a lot of passion and love for yo-yos. Just pass a contest with him and you will understand right away! The RingMaster is everything AJ wanted in a yo-yo and more. High energy, unique and so much fun.

The shape of the RingMaster really focuses on that shape that can handle it all. It is slightly narrower for technical play, and therefore also superb for 3A and 5A. Each Celcon body is actually carefully machined for smooth spin and to leave a unique and visible "ridged" and almost "turntable" finish that is exceptionally soft to the touch and perfect for grinds.

The Ring Master lets you always look your best. YoYoJam's patented aluminum weight rings are carefully machined to focus rim weight precisely where it's needed. Even from a side angled Ring Master looks stunning with lots of aluminum and a centered mirrored cap featuring AJ Kirk personified fun.

Ring Master is a bomb to throw away, lots to learn about, superb for advanced play, and built with the precision and quality you expect. Get ready for the show of your life!

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