YoyoJam Vexed Yoyo
YoyoJam Vexed Yoyo

YoyoJam Vexed Yoyo

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When YoYoJam introduced the rimmed metal yo-yo to the world, it was a breakthrough and the modern yo-yo was truly born. Weight of the rims pushed spin times for max and unresponsive play is truly born. National Grandmaster Bill de Boisblanc has been throwing yo-yos since the 1950s and that has seen the sport of yo-yos evolve year after year. His over 60 years of yo-yo experience and knowledge are now fused with YoYoJam's modern design capabilities and the Vexed calls for you to play.

Vexed is a showcase of modern YoYoJam style and innovation in yo-yo design. It features a slim and angular plastic housing with precision position and extremely concentrated weight bronze machined metal rings that give what was less than an unimaginable stability over time and turnaround time. You will quickly find that yo-yo play becomes a little more fun when something is this well designed and crafted from years of experience.

The Vexed is a yo-yo for all players whether you're just learning your bind or getting ready to compete in the World Yo-Yo contest. It comes with a narrow beginner bearing and the upper gear bearing is unresponsive. The patent-pending Rigid Axle Spin System gives extremely smooth spin and great durability, and YoYoJam's exclusive new Titan impact resistant material means this is a yo-yo designed to be played hard.

Sharp edges, amazing spin dynamics, durability, and a visible presence unlike any other yo-yo you own is why the Vexed belongs in your hands today.

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