How to put together a diabolo with Orbit3 axle

The Triple bearing diabolo fitted with an Orbit axle Is made up of 18 parts. 2 Nuts 2 Washers 2 Grommets 2 Hubs (1 Black, 1 White) 2 Step washers 2 Roller bearings 2 Spacer wires 1 Clutch Bearing 1 Spindle 1 Central bolt.

Before you play with the diabolo each time please make sure that the Nuts are tightened Fast.

This also applies if you change the nuts for the M6Nut ( LED battery operated glow nuts) or if you insert the Diabolo Diodes units between the washers and the nuts supplied.

PassePasse cannot be held responsible for any lost parts if you don’t comply with this verification.