Quotation Request / Payment by Administrative Voucher


A quote is above all an unpaid order. Most Professional Establishments need it so that the order can be validated by the service which will pay for it later.

So it's easy as 123!

1- Place your order online.

2- On the payment page choose payment by transfer or "Administrative voucher" or "by check" (In both cases, orders are not taken into account before we have received either the Admin voucher or the check. Thus, this does not commit you to anything in the event that the estimate is not validated by the institution concerned).

3- Print at home and/or save the offer (Quote) in PDF format and send the document to your organization for validation.

4- Once you have obtained the Administrative Voucher, send it to us by e-mail via the website or directly to chris@passepasse.com, stipulating your order/quote number.