Date First name City Note Comments
2012-09-23 Emmanuel stones great choices, ras,
2012-09-23 Simon carpentras fast, serious, Fp a little expensive!
2012-09-18 Stephane Montesson fast simple and effective
2012-09-18 juan cholet speed of sending, choice of different juggling objects offered
2012-09-17 Christian Heads Because there is a wide choice of products, not cheap.
2012-09-16 allison great-synthe
2012-09-16 Geraldine TRAINOU Fast and quality items
2012-09-15 solemn greasque Very good performance
2012-09-14 Cecile Nice No complaints. Product was inexpensive, delivery was quick. It was ideal because
2012-09-13 Natalie Montigny-le-Tinden easy quick access and lots of choice
2012-09-09 jerome tigy
2012-09-05 lydia monstesquieu-volvestre I found that there was a good choice in the items offered and the shipment was fast
2012-08-28 Jean-Alexis Gesture Large selection, fast delivery.
2012-08-26 Dorian Villeurbanne Choice, speed, price
2012-08-26 Dorian Villeurbanne Choice, speed, price
2012-08-25 Gregory Andernos Speed
2012-08-22 sabine steibel fast and no hassle
2012-08-21 stephane sullen A large choice, the opinion of buyers / users and products from major brands.
2012-08-20 gaetan epernay great choice and good advice
2012-08-15 Gwenaelle Montereau fault Yonne Fast and good value for money
2012-08-14 RNA lille Fast and cheap, that said the product does not correspond exactly to the description given...
2012-08-14 GEERTRUIDA BREST fast and cheap. Should be noted that the order was just for wire for yoyo.
2012-08-13 Immanuel volonne Good choices good advice nice price
2012-08-09 remy Montpellier Great choice, the items vary depending on the juggling sites but you still have a
2012-08-09 James Parempyre Complete offer and speed of service
2012-08-06 anthony metabief A very large selection of good quality accessories. Quick delivery.
2012-08-06 elodie Kassel RAS
2012-07-31 Nicole Neuilly sur Marne Affordable items found in your store only.
2012-07-29 corinne lantric choice of articles, communication, delivery
2012-07-28 Benjamin Brassac Best choice (price/quality), extremely fast order, after-sales service and perfect.... your site is perfect
2012-07-27 Lawrence tursac speed
2012-07-27 Camille Nancy Good products, fast delivery, good communication
2012-07-26 Ludovic Mailly Champagne I would say fast but not necessarily cheap, however there is a wide choice.
2012-07-25 Sarah the hamlet There is a large selection of items, with clear explanations that allow you to make the right choice.
2012-07-25 Gabrielle amagne The after-sales service was really serious. On the other hand, I was preparing the orders, which was
2012-07-24 isabelle Saint Andrew on the plain great choice, good product descriptions, good quality products
2012-07-23 Amelie reindeer Choice and after-sales service
2012-07-22 Baptist Toulon fast and cheap
2012-07-17 frederic oyre fast and good communication
2012-07-14 mylene romania recommended by my daughters' circus school "trois8circus". fast and varied choice
2012-07-14 Jonas Hufeisen Hamburg, Germany good price, nice hats
2012-07-12 Sophia Saint Leu Ras
2012-07-12 Martin Lille Great choice, RAS
2012-07-12 Julian Vermenton Great choice and possibility of PayPal purchase
2012-07-10 Mathias Six Ovens All the products for juggling are a priori at your place. Fast, product quality, packaging.
2012-07-07 Gautier salty Fast and not too expensive
2012-07-06 Eliza CASSIS fast, large choice of material, very serious;
2012-07-03 nolan montpezat pro
2012-07-02 anita Ambonnay Very good items, fast delivery
2012-07-01 Marlene St. Laurent de la Salanque Great choice, Serious, responsive