Kit 3 Balles 10cm Lumineuses avec télécommande
Kit 3 Balls 10cm Luminous with remote control
Kit 3 Balls 10cm Luminous with remote control

Kit 3 Balls 10cm Luminous with remote control

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This smart new generation of G-Lights with its 9 built-in predefined programs is rechargeable by USB.

The different programs can be selected either with the button (on the light system) or with a remote control (optional) usable up to 4m!

Choose between an incredible multitude of programs and light sequences from the 7 integrated colors! Compatible with all G-Balls and G-Pois. Product created by Passe Passe, the result of several years of product research and development.


The intelligent light-up juggling ball can also be used with remote control (optional) with a range of 4m.

This is without a doubt the most advanced ball juggler on the market today. The ball is in two parts. Consisting of the shell which comes in different sizes and the iG-LIGHT which is a smart LED unit that screws into the shell (a bullet). This way the iG-LIGHT can be easily switched to different balls if you want to juggle a different ball size for example. The iG-LIGHT can also be inserted into your PassePasse bolas. The other obvious advantage is that if for some reason the ball stops working, it is much easier to replace the iG-LIGHT than to replace the ball assembly! Think of the savings. Example: If you were to buy another brand that costs $50 a ball and you wanted five balls in each size, you not only save an incredible 60% on your first purchase but you save 90% on new purchases of other types of balls because you already have the IG-LIGHTS! There are some simple battery operated bullets on the market that offer multiple programs, but they don't offer you the above advantage nor do they have everything else! So what's the rest we offer? Each iG-LIGHT has four light-emitting diodes that can change color or a programmed sequence of colors depending on how many times you press the built-in button on the iG-LIGHT. That's not all! The iG-LIGHT can also be controlled remotely with our PassePasse iG-LIGHT remote control! Someone could be hiding behind you on stage holding control while you juggle and telling or asking the audience which color is coming next! This allows for a great interactive juggling show. All of the above is sufficient for most, but also there is another benefit to these remarkable iG-LIGHTs. They are fully rechargeable using our USB cables which cost a few euros! Simply plug one end into the computer's USB port and the other end into the mini USB port in the iG-LIGHT for hours of fun without worrying about battery usage. The cables can also be plugged into our USB 3 adapter wall socket or even a USB car socket for charging on the go. As you would expect from PassePasse, we offer these components at a price that no competitor can approach. Not only that, but you can expect a lot more to come! We are developing other juggling products with the same compatibility that you can accompany us on this path and take advantage of the savings on future offers. Of course, like all of our in-house products the G-BALL carries a full one year warranty! These balls are perfect for amateurs and beginners as well as seasoned professionals.
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